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If you're open to new ideas and variation of a couple of old ideas for reducing your overall claims pay-out, give us a call. Review details of each service channel by clicking on the photos below.

Examples of "Found Money" for Our Clients

While maintaining an 85% national successful negotiation rate, we continue to generate many fantastic savings for our clients in all 50 states. Click on the Details Button to see each Claims Repricing Statement.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

Our clients and their employees extend to all 50 states. We have received some wonderful feedback about the results we continue to achieve for them.

Jim Richards, President & CEO
KLLM Trucking

"KLLM Trucking is always looking for cost prevention methods to save money on our Workers Compensation and Group Health medical costs.

I would highly recommend their services to anyone in the trucking industry, or for that matter any industry that is looking for ways to control their overall claims expenses."

John Burns, State Director

"Hughes & Associates has generated a tremendous savings for our Worker's Compensation Self-Insured Funds and Self-Insured clients well below the state mandated fee schedule or PPO agreements.

...accompanied with an Executed letter of agreement avoiding any push back or reconsideration from the hospitals."

Dean Cotton, Former President
MTA Self-Insurers Fund

"Hughes & Associates has saved us an extraordinary amount of medical expenses and helped us maintain our worker's compensation claims expenses.

I personally know the principals of this company and can attest to their professionalism, dependability and high integrity."

Jeff Pettegrew, CEO (Retired)
California Self-Insurers' Security Fund

"The California Self-Insurers’ Security Fund administers over $110 million in open private-sector workers compensation claim liabilities...

...we work with a variety of excellent industry service providers. Recently, ...was offered the opportunity to try their Workers Compensation Specialty Negotiation Service without any commitment whatsoever by the Fund.

The first old hospital invoice claim submitted to Hughes had been mishandled by a former service provider. Frankly, I didn’t think this old claim would have any salvage value. Yet, Hughes decided to take it on as a challenge, and they exceeded our expectations by negotiating a net savings of $64,612.07 or 51.9%.

We’re pleased to be utilizing Hughes & Associates and would recommend their company to any self-insured workers compensation employers that seek this type of service."

Jennifer Yang, Custr Srvc / Claims Supervisor
Fiserv Health

"This software allows our...Representatives to log in securely...view all pre-certification files and letters for Plan Members. ...any pre-certifications that were missed or rejected from the files transmitted to Fiserv Health to upload, can be found via the Internet.

By allowing our staff to access pre-certification letters and information instantly, Fiserv Health has been able to have a faster rate of turnaround time......decreased the amount of inquiries needed between Fiserv Health and Hughes.

...I would highly recommend their software for any Utilization Review vendor, as it has made a huge difference in our everyday tasks, from phone calls to processing claims...turnaround rates ...higher customer satisfaction levels."

Bridgette Snead, President/CEO

"My company, CBSI, has been using Hughes & Associates for quite some time now and this was one of the best partnerships I made for my business. I say partnership because it seems like they became part of my team working for the same goal, which is servicing my clients.

The software system is one of the best that I have seen or dealt with in this business, and I came from Intracorp. I am amazed at how helpful and efficient Hughes & Associates have become during renewals. My reinsurers have even commented on the impressive change that Hughes and Associates have made on my disclosures.

All in all, I have been very, very pleased with Hughes & Associates since day one."

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